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Discord is the most widely used application. Discord users can talk through voice and video chats. Discord supports text-to-sp

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Discord lets its users create channels, and servers, and can invite their friends. You can add moderators and admins to monito

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Add Aiode Discord Bot

Aiode bot is a music bot. Basically, this supports some famous trending music apps as well as “Sound cloud”, “Spotify”

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Discord is a cross platform application specially made for gamers to communicate with their community members or fans. Discord

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Discord is a cross platform application that is known for interacting with people globally. Discord has a feature of pinning a

How to Unfriend Someone on Discord

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What is Discord and Why it is Used?

Discord is the most popular and widely used social platform that is built to communicate with each other. Because it is very f

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Discord, a versatile platform with timeless features, offers a range of functionalities such as voice/video chatting during ga

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How to Give Permissions on Discord

Discord is a cross-platform like other social media applications. Discord also provides permissions, which permit the members