How to Install VirtualBox on Ubuntu 22.04

VirtualBox is an open source and free to use software, and it is used as a general purpose virtualization application. Virtualization lets you access and use a number of operating systems in a single operating system or host. VirtualBox is available for all operating systems such as Linux, Windows and for MacOS also.

This article will help you understand to install VirtualBox on Ubuntu 22.04

How to Install VirtualBox on Ubuntu 22.04?

The installation procedure of the VirtualBox is provided below in the form of steps.

Step 1: Update System Packages

The first and necessary step before installing VirtualBox is to update system packages, to perform the the update do copy paste the below code in the Terminal interface:

sudo apt update

The update of the system repositories has been done.

Step 2: Install VirtualBox

You can install VirtualBox on Ubuntu by copy pasting the following lines of the code into the Terminal interface:

sudo apt install virtualbox -y

With the help of the above line of code the VirtualBox on Ubuntu 22.04.

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How to Launch VirtualBox on Ubuntu 22.04?

In order to launch VirtualBox on Ubuntu you first need to click on the icon which is located in the left bottom of the screen, and then type ‘VirtualBox’ in the search and then an icon of VirtualBox will just click that icon to launch VirtualBox:

VirtualBox has been launched successfully.

How to Remove VirtualBox from Ubuntu 22.04?

If you want to remove VirtualBox from Ubuntu you need to run the command in the terminal interface:

sudo apt autoremove virtualbox *purge -y

You have achieved the goal to remove the VirtualBox from Ubuntu 22.04

Commands Wiki

  • sudo This command allows you to run the programs or services with the security privileges
  • apt The apt command is used to update, remove, install deb packages
  • update This command is used to perform update to deb packages
  • install This command is used to install deb packages
  • autoremove remove packages that are automatically installed
  • purge This command is used to remove the dependencies and leftovers that remain after the app is removed
  • -y confirms the yes when prompt asks about [Y/N]


VirtualBox is a software which supports virtualization technology, meaning that you can install other operating systems. VirtualBox has support for all types of operating systems including Linux. This write up has an aim to give the knowledge to our readers that how you can install VirtualBox on Ubuntu 22.04.