How to Unban Someone on Discord

Discord is a popular application in the world specially, built up for gamers. Its magnificent features gained millions users in a short time. Users can connect with other users by the groups and servers of Discord. Discord provide us the feature to block or ban people on Discord. But Most of the users ban someone accidentally. And they are illiterate to unban people on Discord.

This write-up will demonstrate you to resolve the mentioned query.

How to Unban Someone on Discord?

Users can unban someone by going through the given instructions provided below.

Step 1: Launch the Discord

First, open the Discord via Start menu:

Step 2: Open Server

Hit the drop-down arrow of the server:

Step 3: Launch Server Settings

Open the “Server Settings” by clicking on it:

Step 4: Navigate to Bans Section

Tap on the “Bans” section on the left sidebar of the Discord:

Step 5: Select the User to Unban

Trigger the user to unban:

Step 6: Unban the User

A box will appear, then, simply hit the “Revoke Ban” button:

Doing so will unban the user.


To unban someone on Discord, first, open Discord. After that navigate to the server in which you want to unban people. Open “Server Settings” and navigate to the “Bans” section. Then, select the user and the pop-up box will show, and unban the user by clicking on “Revoke Ban”. This post has presented a guide to unban someone on Discord.