How to Turn On Light Mode in Discord

Discord is the most popular application that is built for playing games. It allows us communicate with friends, relatives, and many others. Discord provide us with many features. One of them is changing discord theme. Discord light mode is known as the white theme and dark mode is the dark theme. Mostly users get tired by using one theme and want to get rid of it.

This write up will justify you to change the theme.

How to Enable Light Theme in Discord?

You can turn on light mode by following the given steps.

Step 1: Open the Discord Application

First of all, move to the Start menu, type and search “Discord” to launch it:

Step 2: Launch the User Settings

Trigger the highlighted icon to open “User Settings”:

Step 3: Move to the Appearance Section

Navigate to the “Appearance” tab:

Step 4: Enable Light Theme

Select “Light” to apply new theme:

Our new theme has been applied on Discord.


To turn on light mode in Discord, initially, open the Discord app via Start menu. Launch the “User Settings” by clicking on the “User Settings” icon. Then, navigate to the “Appearance” section and select “light” mode.