How to Turn Off DMs on Discord

Discord provides us with many features. One such feature is creating or joining the server. Messaging is also a core feature of Discord. Users can discuss different topics on a server. Through Direct Messages (DMS) can play games, stream with friends, and communicate with them. Whenever an unknown person sends offensive things on the Discord server, then, users can disable direct messages.

This write-up will elaborate on the procedure to disable direct messages.

How to Turn Off Direct Messages on Discord?

Discord is a communication platform, which lets its users to join communities, channels, servers of like-minded people. Discord users can also send direct messages to other users without having to send a friend request. However, if certain user is annoying with weird messages. Then, direct messages from that user can be disabled. To disable or turn off the direct messages follow the steps provided below.

Step 1: Launch Discord

First, launch the Discord app from the Windows menu bar and click on the “Open” button:

Step 2: Open User Settings

Hit the “Gear” icon to open the “User Settings”:

Step 3: Open Privacy & Safety Section

Navigate to the “Privacy & Safety” section by clicking on it:

Step 4: Turn Off Direct Messages

Trigger the toggle to disable direct messages:

Step 5: Confirm Disabling of Disabling of Direct Messages

A “Server Privacy” box will appear to confirm, simply click on the “Yes” button:

You can see that direct messages have been turned off:

Now, direct messages from members are disabled. You won’t receive direct messages from unknown users.


To turn off direct messages on Discord, first, launch Discord from the Windows Start menu. Then, open “User settings” and move to the “Privacy & Safety” settings. Next, hit the toggle to disable direct messages from unknown people. This article has provided with a complete procedure to turn off the direct messages on Discord.