How to Send Videos on Discord

The Discord app is beloved by the whole world. Discord is not just a platform for chats and messaging. Users can use it to share videos with other users. Discord allows its users to share their experiences and moments with friends and family members. Discord allows to transfer files up to 8 Mb size. On the other hand, nitro subscribers can send video of up to 50Mbs size. The core purpose of Discord is to bring the community together. Users can share their thoughts and feelings to other community members.

This write-up will overview the method to send video in Discord.

How to Transfer/Send Videos on the Discord App?

Discord is an application that is used to communicate with people in bigger communities and groups. The videos in Discord can be shared with other users by following the instructions provided in the steps.

Step 1: Select Channel or User

First, launch the “Discord” application and select the “Channel” or “ID” to which you want to send videos:

Step 2: Upload a File

Next, click on the “(+)” icon in the bottom-left corner and click on “Upload a File” button:

Step 3: Select Video to Send

Now, locate a video from a folder, then, select it and click “Open” button to send the video:

Your recipient will receive a file and then he will be able to download it:

The video file has been sent successfully on Discord.


To send videos on Discord, first, open Discord via Start menu. Then, select the channel or user to send a video. Next, click on the “Upload a File” button, select a video file and click on the open button to send. This guide has elaborated on the detailed guide to send videos on Discord.