How to Restore Deleted Account of Discord

Discord is a great communication application. You can use it on browsers, Windows, Mac OS, and on mobile phones. By the privacy settings Discord is easy and your data is safe on it. If you deleted your account for any reasons then don’t be worried your data is safe. When you delete your account Discord keeps your data safe and if you want to restore your account your data will be back. When we delete an account it would take up to 14 days.

This article will demonstrate you to get your account back.

How to Recover Deleted Account of Discord?

You can restore your account by following the given steps.

Step 1: Launch Discord

First, install the Discord app on your pc or desktop or open it on the web browser:

Step 2: Restore Discord Account

A popup box will appear. Type your credentials in it and click on the “Restore Account” option you will see:

And that’s it, your discord account has been restored and can do more chats and contact with your friends.


To restore the deleted Discord account, first, install Discord app or open it on the web browser. Type your credentials in the blanks and click on “Login”. Then click on “restore account” to restore your deleted account. After doing so, you will get your account back.