How to Reset or Change Your Discord Password

Discord is an online and easily accessible communication app specially built for gamers to play games with relatives and friends. Discord is a safe platform that makes sure to keep your data safe. If we forgot our password, then Discord let us change the password easily. All of us, don’t want that our accounts will be hacked. For this problem, you are required to change the password. Most of the users accidentally lost their password and they are illiterate to change the password.

This Write-up will demonstrate to you to resolve the mentioned problem.

How to Reset/Change Password of Discord?

The stated query can be resolved by going through the provided steps below.

Step 1: Launch Discord

Initially, move to the Start menu and open Discord app:

Step 2: Reset the Password

Type your email in the blank & click on “Forgot your password?”:

After this, an Email link you will receive. By opening it you can change your password easily.


To reset the Discord password, initially, launch Discord. Then, in the login page type your email in the field to change the password. Click on “Forget your password” and then, you will receive an email link, simply click on “Ok”. Open your email ID and locate the link by clicking on it to reset password. This tutorial has provided a complete way to resolve the mentioned issue.