How to Report an Issue to Trust and Safety in Discord

Discord is a social media platform utilized for communication. Discord allows its users to report trust and safety. If somebody sent you inappropriate content then you can report it to the trust and safety team of Discord. Discord takes it seriously when a user reports a problem to the support team.

How to Report a Trust & Safety Issue?

Users can report a problem by following the given steps.

Step 1: Launch Discord

Launch Discord on your browser and click on “Support”:

Step 2: Navigate to “Submit a Request” Section

Click on “Submit a request”:

Step 3: Choose “Trust & Safety” Options 

Select “Trust & Safety” from the given options:

Step 4: Fill the Required Details

Enter your “Email Address” and select “Report Spam”:

Select the required “Report” and enter the “Message link” where somebody has sent you a message:

Step 5: Submit the Report

Enter “Subject”, Add “Description” attach the “Files” and then click on “Submit”:

As you can see that your request has been submitted to “Trust & Safety”:


To report a problem to “Trust & Safety”, first, launch Discord on browser, navigate to “Support” and click on “Submit a request”. Then, select “Trust & Safety” the given options. Next, select “Report spam” and enter your email address in the given fields. After that, select the required report and add the “Message link”. Then complete the form and simply click on “Submit”.