How to Remove a Bot in Discord

Discord is a cross-platform specially built for gamers. Discord app is used by many groups and servers to bring communities together. Users can create servers, add friends, and can assign roles to them. Discord added an extra feature for their users known as a bot. Bots work on different types of commands. Bots help users reduce the burden of work. However, most of the users did not find this feature beneficial for them and they want to get rid of it.

This article will help Discord users to remove the bot.

How Can I Remove Discord Bot?

A Discord bot is an automation tool that helps users to automate tasks on their Discord servers. Discord bots help to build a community of like-minded people and help the administrators to moderate the server. The Discord bot can be removed by going through the stepwise instructions given below.

Step 1: Launch Discord

First, Open the Discord app from the Windows Start menu:

Step 2: Open Discord Server

Move to the server from where you wish to remove the Discord bot:

Step 3: Open Member List

Click on the highlighted icon “Show Member List” to see the list of members:

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Step 4: Choose the Discord Bot

Select the Discord bot you want to remove:

Step 5: Remove the Discord Bot

Right-click on the bot and hit the “Kick” button:

Step 6: Describe the Reason

Enter the reason why you are removing the Discord bot and hit the “Kick” button:

As it can be observed that the Discord bot has been removed successfully from the server.


To remove the Discord bot, first, launch the Discord app and reach the Server. Then, navigate to the “Member list” and select the bot. After that, right-click on the desired bot, and hit the “Kick” button to remove the bot from the server. This article has explained the procedure to remove the bot from the Discord server.