How to React to a Message on Discord

Discord app is like a family that bring us together. With Discord, we can share our memories and play games by using it. The way of reacting in Discord is very easy and simple. The Reacting feature is very useful while chatting with other users. The best way to give value to anyone’s chat is to react to it. Discord allows its users to react to messages with an emoji picker box.

This article will demonstrate a method to resolve the mentioned query.

How to React to a Message in Discord?

In order to resolve the query of reacting to a message in Discord, go through the provided instructions given below.

Step 1: Launch Discord

First, open Discord app from the Windows menu bar:

Step 2: Reach to the Emoji Picker

For reacting to a message, track your cursor to the message. An emoji picker will appear in the top right corner:

Step 3: Select Emoji and React

Choose the emoji to react on a message:

Finally, you have reacted to the message on Discord. You can add multiple reactions by just clicking on the emoji+ icon:

As it can be seen that we have successfully reacted to a message in Discord.


To react to a message in Discord, first, launch Discord from the Start menu and then access the message on which you want to react. Then, select your emoji from the emoji picker box and click on it. And your emoji will be shown to your message. You can change your emoji by just clicking the emoji+ icon. This post has provided a complete procedure to react on a message.