How to Ping Someone on Discord

Discord is a voice, video, and chat application that is used by more than ten million people in the world. People use it daily to discuss their plans and projects. But it is mostly used by active and small groups. Sometimes you want to contact specified users in the group, and the best way to contact them is to ping him/her and send messages. It is possible to ping someone by typing their name or tag.

How to Ping Someone on Discord?

You can ping a user by going through the provided steps below.

Step 1: Open Discord

Firstly, launch Discord from the Start menu and open it:

Step 2: Choose Discord Server

Select the required server, from the left side, in which you want to add ping:

Step 3: Ping someone

In the text bar, type “@[Name of the User]” click on the name of the user, and then type the message with the ping:

And press enter to send the message. That’s it your ping message has been sent.


To ping someone on Discord, the first thing you need is to open the Discord app from the Start menu. Make a choice about which server you want to add someone on ping. Then type “@[Name of the User]” and hit the “Enter” button. And that’s it, your message has been sent to the user in Discord.