How to install PlayOnLinux on Ubuntu 22.04

PlayOnLinux is a free and open source front end graphical for Wine, and it is used to install Windows based applications on Linux based OS. PlayOnLinux software for Linux was developed by using the three languages including Python, wxPython and Bash. PlayOnLinux helps to install Microsoft Office, Windows Media player, Adobe Photoshop and other Windows apps. With the help of PlayOnLinux we can perform safe and smooth installation of windows apps and games on Linux based operating systems such as Ubuntu.

How to Install PlayOnLinux on Ubuntu 22.04?

In this article we will provide a guide to give you the understanding of how you can install PlayOnLinux on Ubuntu 22.04:

Step 1: Update System Packages

The very first step in every Ubuntu software installation is to update the system packages to their latest version by using the code snippet shown below, to do this just copy paste the code in the Terminal interface:

sudo apt update

The system packages are now up to date.

Step 2: Install PlayOnLinux

Install the PlayOnLinux on Ubuntu by executing the code which is shown the below line:

sudo apt install playonlinux

Congrats!!! The PlayOnLinux is installed on Ubuntu 22.04 and ready to use.

Step 3: Check PlayOnLinux version

You can check and verify the latest version of PlayOnLinux by executing the code snippet below:

playonlinux –version

The latest version of PlayOnLinux is shown in output.

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How to Launch PlayOnLinux on Ubuntu 22.04?

In order to launch the PlayOnLinux on Ubuntu, we need to first click on the icon ‘Software Launcher’ shown on the left bottom of the screen, and then type ‘PlayOnLinux’ in the search box and then an icon will appear, just click to open it:

The PlayOnLinux is launched on Ubuntu 22.04.

How to Uninstall PlayOnLinux from Ubuntu 22.04?

In order to remove PlayOnLinux from Ubuntu 22.04, you need to open Terminal interface and then run the code in its interface:

sudo apt autoremove playonlinux *purge -y

The PlayOnLinux is removed completely from Ubuntu 22.04.


PlayOnLinux is a utility software which is a free and open source software which is used to install windows based applications on Ubuntu. In order to install PlayOnLinux on Ubuntu 22.04 you need to use the official repository method which is also known as the apt method. In this brief article we have briefly explained how to install PlayOnLinux on Ubuntu 22.04 and also explained the process to remove it.