How to Install KDevelop in Ubuntu 22.04?

KDevelop is a Linux based free to use IDE. The Integrated Development Environments (IDE) are text editors but they are rich in features which makes it a more functionality-rich text editor. IDEs are language specific as they support some particular languages. KDevelop is available to every operating system, which makes it a cross-platform text editor. KDevelop supports multiple programming language development. KDevelop was developed by the K Desktop Environment (KDE).

The KDevelop is integrated with features like debuggers and compilers. KDevelop is one of the top IDE and text editors when you talk about good editors.

How to Install KDevelop in Ubuntu 22.04?

The “KDevelop” application can be installed on Ubuntu 22.04, by executing some specific commands in the “Terminal”. To do so, simply go through the given step-wise instructions below.

Step 1: Update System Packages

To install “KDevelop” on Ubuntu 22.04, first, update the system repositories. To do so, first, open “Terminal” and execute the following lines of code:

$ sudo apt update

By the use of the above code, the system packages are now updated.

Step 2: Install KDevelop

The next step after updating system packages is to install KDevelop by executing the following code:

$ sudo apt install kdevelop -y

How to Launch KDevelop in Ubuntu 22.04?

To launch KDevelop on Ubuntu 22.04 you need to click on the ‘Application Launcher’ icon which can be seen on the left bottom of the screen, and then type ‘KDevelop’ in the search bar, and after that, an icon of KDevelop will appear just click to launch it:

How to Remove KDevelop from Ubuntu 22.04?

To remove KDevelop from Ubuntu 22.04, execute the code which is written in the below snippet:

The KDevelop was removed from Ubuntu completely.

Congratulations!!! You have learned to install KDevelop on Ubuntu and also learned to remove KDevelop from Ubuntu


To install KDevelop in Ubuntu 22.04, first, launch the “Terminal” and then execute the “sudo apt install KDevelop -y” code. This will install KDevelop on Ubuntu 22.04. this post has explained the procedure to install and remove KDevelop from Ubuntu 22.04.