How to Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu 22.04?

Google Chrome, a free cross-platform web browser, offers extensive support for plugins and extensions. Originally developed by Google in 2008, Chrome has gained popularity for its speed and user-friendly features. While it is not pre-installed on Ubuntu, an open-source Linux operating system, you can manually install Google Chrome on Ubuntu to enjoy its benefits and enhanced browsing experience.

This post will loop upon the procedure to install Chrome on Ubuntu.

How to Install Chrome on Ubuntu 22.04?

Apply these approaches to install the browser:

  • Using CLI.
  • Using GUI.

Method 1: Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu Using CLI

Installing Google Chrome on Ubuntu using the CLI (Command Line Interface) involves the following steps.

Step 1: Update Default Repositories

To update the repositories, open the Terminal interface and execute the following command:

Sudo apt update

Step 2: Download Chrome

Now, start downloading Chrome by running the following command:


Step 3: Install Chrome

To start the installation, execute the command given:

sudo dpkg -i google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb

Step 4: Open Chrome

After installing the browser, launch it by running the “google-chrome” cmdlet in the Terminal:


Method 2: Use the GUI Method to Install Chrome on Ubuntu 22.04

Google Chrome can be also installed using GUI (Graphical User Interface). To do so, follow the given steps.

Step 1: Download Google Chrome

  • First, launch the Firefox browser from the “Application Center”.
  • Then, navigate to the given link.
  • Next trigger the indicated button to download:

Select “64 bit”, and then trigger the “Accept and Install” button:

Step 2: Launch Chrome Installer

Once, the download is completed, then open the “Downloads” folder to start Chrome installation:

Then, right-click on the “Google Chrome” file and hit the “Open with Other Application” option:

Trigger the “Software Install” button and hit the “Select” button:

Now, hit “Install” to install Chrome:

How to Remove Chrome from Ubuntu 22.04?

To uninstall the Chrome browser from Ubuntu, run this command:

sudo apt autoremove google-chrome-stable *purge -y


To install Chrome on Ubuntu, first, launch the “Terminal” and install the “wget” program. After that, download and install Chrome using the “wget” program. Moreover, chrome can also be installed using GUI (Graphical User Interface). This article has explained various methods to install Chrome on Ubuntu 22.04.