How to Install Blender 3D on Ubuntu 22.04?

Blender 3D is an open-source software application that is used for the creation, editing, rendering, and editing of 3D models. Blender 3D is a cross-platform software including Linux, Windows, and MacOS. Blender 3D comes with additional features to enhance the creativity of artists and 3D modeling. Blender 3D is a complete suite for the creation of animations, sculptures, and 3D models. The API of Blender 3D is available for the scripting of the python which is used for the application customization. The GNU (General Public License) gives the freedom and ownership of the Blender 3D to individual users.

How to Install Blender 3D on Ubuntu 22.04?

The Blender 3D app can be installed on Ubuntu by executing the specific set of commands in Ubuntu’s Terminal.

Step 1: Update System Repositories

First, launch the Terminal and run the code below to update system packages:

sudo apt update

Step 2: Install Blender

Now, execute the provided code to install Blender 3D:

sudo apt install blender

Step 3: Verify Installation

After installing Blender 3D, verify its installation by checking its version. To do so, simply execute the given command:

blender –version

How to Open Blender on Ubuntu 22.04?

To launch Blender app, first, type ‘Blender’ in the search bar, and then an icon of Blender 3D will appear, simply click to launch it:

Blender 3D is launched now

How to Remove Blender 3D from Ubuntu 22.04?

To remove Blender 3D from Ubuntu, execute the following code in the Terminal interface:

sudo apt autoremove blender *purge -y

Congratulations! You have successfully learned to install Blender 3D on Ubuntu and also learned to remove Blender 3D from Ubuntu.


To install Blender 3D on Ubuntu 22.04, first, launch Terminal and then execute the “sudo apt install blender” code. Doing so will install Blender 3D on Ubuntu 22.04. This article has given clear instructions to install Blender 3D on Ubuntu 22.04. moreover, this post also explained the method to remove Blender 3D from Ubuntu 22.04.