How to Install and Use Probot on Discord?

Discord is a social media communication platform. Discord allows the users to manage servers. However, it is quite tricky task to manage Discord servers. For that cause, Discord has manufactured bots. Bots can moderate servers and can perform many actions automatically. Such a bot is “Probot”. The “Probot” is a popular bot with more than 2,000,000 active users. The bot “Probot” has over 50 commands. This bot provides users with latest features, like moderation, sending messages, and sending high quality audio.

This article will overview a complete guide to provide the installation and usage of the “Probot”.

How to Install and Use Probot on Discord?

You can install and use probot by following the Given steps:

Step 1: Open Probot’s Website

First, open a browser and visit the ProBot’s official website:

Step 2: Login to the Discord Account

Next, login to your Discord account on web browser:

Step 3: Add Probot to a Server

Choose the server and hit “Continue”:

Step 4: Authorize Probot

Mark check all the permissions and click on “Authorize” button:

As you can the “Probot” bot has been added to your server.

How to Use the Probot Bot in Discord?

Below the steps are provided to use the Probot bot on Discord.

Step 1: Launch Discord

Firstly, launch the Discord app from Windows Start menu and open it:

Step 2: Select Server and Enter Command to Use it

Select your desired server and enter the command “/credits” in the message bar:

Step 3: Choose Options

Select the required option and send it:


To install the Probot bot, first, visit the Probot official website. Then, login to the Discord account. Choose the desired server from the given list and click on “Continue”. Grant the permissions and “Authorize” it to add Probot bot to the server.