How to Log Out of Discord

Discord is an online social media platform with millions of users. Nowadays, Discord is the most ranked application amongst the social media apps. Discord connects you to the whole world and can communicate with your friends who are living far away from you. Majority of the Discord users have inquired about the method to logout from Discord. As they want to login into another account but they are having trouble logging out of the currently logged in account.

How to Log Out of Discord?

Follow the step-wise instructions mentioned below to log you out from Discord.

Step 1: Launch the Discord Application

Initially, navigate to the Start menu to launch “Discord”:

Step 2: Launch the User Settings

Click the “User Settings” to open it:

Step 3: Navigate to the Log Out Tab

Scroll down and locate and click on the “Log Out” button to logout from Discord:

Click on the “Log Out” button to confirm logging out of Discord:

Now, you have successfully logged out from your Discord account.


To logout of Discord, first, launch the Discord app from the Start menu and open “User Settings”. After that, scroll down and locate the “Log Out” button and click on it to log out from Discord.