How to Leave a Discord Server

Discord is a very popular application all over the world. Discord users can communicate with each other and also gives permission to join the Discord servers. Discord servers contain millions of users and different kinds of people can contact the community. Servers are the great way to communicate with peoples. But when you don’t get many benefits from the server you prefer to leave it.

How to Leave a Discord Server?

You can leave a Discord server by going through the given steps.

Step 1: Launch Discord

First of all, move to the Start menu, type and search “Discord” and launch it:

Step 2: Select the Server

Choose the server on the left sidebar, you want to leave:

Then click on the drop down arrow option you will see:

Step 3: Leave the Server

Scroll down and hit the “Leave Server” button:

Step 4: Confirm Leaving of the Server

After this, a pop-up box will appear, hit the “Leave Server” again to confirm:

You have successfully left the Discord server.


To leave a Discord server, first of all you will have to open Discord. Select the server, hit on drop down arrow and click on “Leave Server”. A pop-up box will show up and be done by clicking on the “Leave Server” again. This post has presented a thorough guide to leave the Discord server.