How to Enable Streamer Mode on Discord

Discord provides many features, one of them is streaming games. Discord is mostly used by the streamers community. All the gamers want to share their gaming experience to others. Streamer mode is the feature that makes sure to keep your personal information from the viewers when they are watching your streaming.

How to Enable Streamer Mode in Discord?

You can turn on streamer by going through the stepwise instructions provided below.

Step 1: Launch Discord

First, start Discord via menu bar:

Step 2: Open User Settings

Trigger the “Gear” icon to open “User Settings”:

Step 3: Navigate to Streamer Mode

Navigate to the “Streamer Mode” from the left sidebar:

Step 4: Enable Streamer Mode

Turn the toggle on “Enable Streamer Mode:

Go back to Discord window and verify that is streamer mode enabled:

Step 5: Navigate to the Keybinds Section

To turn on the “Keybind”, first, open “User Settings”. Then, navigate to the “Keybinds” section and click on the “Add a Keybind” button:

Step 6: Enable Keybinds

Select the “Toggle Streamer Mode” below the “Action” and set your favorite key below “Keybind:


To enable streamer mode, first, launch the Discord app and then trigger the “Gear” icon and launch “User Settings”. After that, navigate to the “Streamer Mode” and turn the toggle on to turn it on. Now, reach to the “Keybinds” section in the “User Settings” and click “Add a Keybind” and set your favorite key.