How to Customize the Discord Interface

Discord is like a cross-platform application especially, build for gamers, to discuss their favorite games and play together with friends but now Discord is much more important for like-minded people. Discord provides us variety of settings, like changing themes, zoom levels, spaces between messages, roles colors, and UI Appearances. Default appearance settings are not bad but most users don’t like some settings and want to change them. That is why it also let us change the interface of Discord.

This write-up will help you to resolve the customization issue.

How to Customize the Discord Interface?

You can customize the interface via instructions provided in the below section.

Step 1: Open Discord

Initially, start Discord via Windows Start menu and click “Open”:

Step 2: Open User Settings

Click on the highlighted option to open “User settings”:

Step 3: Open Accessibility Settings

Then navigate to “Accessibility” to make changes in the interface of Discord:

Step 4: Select the Desired Saturation

Under the accessibility, manage your required “Saturation” through the slider:

Step 5: Mark Check Roles and Color Names

Check your default roles and color names:

Select another highlighted option “Show role colors next to names”:

Step 7: Change UI Appearance

Then navigate to the “Appearance” section and make changes in “UI Appearance”. You can change your theme:


To customize the interface, first, launch Discord and then open “User settings”. Next, navigate to “Accessibility” to manage your saturation and then select role colors. After that, make changes in your Discord themes and UI Appearance like, “Message Display”, ”Spaces” and “Zoom Level”.