How to Create a Role Exclusive Channel on Discord

Discord is like other social media platforms like Facebook, Skype and Imo. Discord provide us several features like, audio/video chatting, playing games and streaming. Discord allows to create and join channels, servers and groups. Discord permits to create Discord private channels that can be accessed by certain users.

How to Create a Discord’s Role Exclusive Channel?

The channel in Discord can be created by going through the given steps below.

Step 1: Launch Discord

First, locate Discord from the Windows menu and click on the “Open” button:

Step 2: Open Server

Choose the desired server to create a channel:

Step 3: Expand Discord Options

Click on the “Drop-Down” arrow option:

Step 4: Create Channel

Click on “Create Channel” from the list:

Step 5: Customize the Channel Settings

Select the “Channel type”, type the “Channel Name”, then, turn on the toggle key of the “Private Channel” and lastly click on the “Next” button:

Step 6: Create Channel

Select the channel “Role” and “Members” and then click on “Create Channel”:

As you can see that your exclusive channel has been created.


To create an exclusive channel, first, open Discord from the Windows menu. Then, select the server and hit the “Create Channel” option. After that, select “Channel Type”, enter the “Channel Name” and select “Privacy” of the channel. Next, choose the “Role” and hit “Create Channel”.