How to Configure Your Microphone and Headset in Discord

Discord is the most widely used and popular application among the gamers community. It offers us many of the vital features that attract the most users. This application is built to chat with their friends while playing games. Sometimes, we don’t like to share our background noise with others and also have a wish to get a high-quality voice, for this Discord permits us to make changes in the settings.

How to Configure/Set-up Your Microphone and Headset in Discord?

Here’s how to configure your Discord microphone. To begin, open the Discord program.

Step 1: Launch Discord

First, move to the Start menu, type and search “Discord”, when appear then simply click on “Open”:

Step 2: Open User Settings

Hit the highlighted icon to open “User Settings” icon to launch it:

Step 3: Move to the “Voice & Video” Settings

Navigate to the “Voice & Video” section:

Step 4: Select Input Device

Select your “Input Device” from the voice settings:

Step 5: Set Volume Levels

Set “Input” and “Output” volumes and test your microphone by clicking “Let’s Check”:

Set 6: Set Input Mode to Voice Activity

Enable “Voice Activity” from the “Input Mode” section and configure your “Sensitivity”:

Step 7: Enable All the Permissions

Check other voice settings and make changes according to your requirements:

Step 8: Adjust the Attenuation

Adjust the “Attenuation” to get high-quality voice of others and yourself:


To configure your microphone and headset, first, launch the Discord > navigate to the “User Settings” > reach the “Voice & Video” section > select your “Input” and “Output” devices > make changes in their volume and all the highlighted settings. This article has provided a complete procedure to resolve the mentioned problem.