How to Change Your Discord Video Background

Discord is a social platform that lets you make audio/video calls, text messaging, and many other communications. Discord gives us many features, and with these features most people suggest Discord. One of the features is changing the video background. When you make calls to your friends and you don’t want to share your background with them because of many issues. Discord offers this magnificent feature to hide your background when making calls and chatting.

How to Change the Discord Video Background?

You can change your video background by going through the stepwise instructions provided below.

Step 1: Launch Discord

First, start Discord via menu bar:

Step 2: Launch User Settings

Trigger the gear icon to open “User Settings”:

Step 3: Move to the Voice & Video Section

Navigate to the “Voice & Video” settings from the left sidebar:

Step 4: Choose Video Backgroud

Select your favorite background from the list:

Step 5: Test Backgroud

You can test your background video by clicking “Test Video” from the “Video Settings”:

As you can see that our video background has been sent successfully:

Now you can make calls to your friend with new video background and can change it anytime.


To change the video background firstly, start Discord via the menu bar and open the “User Settings”. Navigate to “Voice & Video” and select your background from the list of many backgrounds. Then test your background by making calls to your friends or click on “Test video” to check.