How to Change the Color of Your Name on Discord?

Discord is a well-known social platform used for communication between friends, relatives, and many unknown people from around the world. This forum was specially built for the gaming community. Discord includes various built-in features including changing usernames, avatars, colors, and many others. These features enhance the user profile.

How to Change the Color of User Name on Discord?

Discord allows its users to customize their profiles according to their interests. More specifically, Discord users can change the color of their names. it is not that difficult task to perform. To change the name of your name in Discord, simply follow the guidelines in the form steps given below.

Step 1: Launch Discord App

First, move to the Start menu and open the Discord application:

Step 2: Select Discord Server

Trigger the server and hit the “Drop-Down” arrow:

Step 3: Open Discord Server Settings

Click on “Server Settings” to open it:

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Step 4: Move to the Roles Section

Move to the “Roles” menu and hit the “Create Role” option:

Step 5: Write Role Name and Assign Color

Type the name in the “Role Name” section and select your “Role Color” and hit on “Save Changes”:

Step 6: Navigate to the Member’s Section

Now, select the server, reach the “Friend List” and click on the” Member” option:

Step 7: Assign the Role

Click on “Roles” and select the role we created recently:

As it can be observed that the name color has been changed successfully.


To change the color of user name in Discord, initially, launch Discord app. Then, select the server and move to “Server Settings”. Next, click on the “Roles” and “Create A Role” button. Now, type the “Name” and select the “Color” of the role. Finally, reach the “Member List” section and set your new role and your name color will get updated. This article has explained the procedure to change your name color in Discord practically.