How to Add and Use Virtual Fisher Bot in Discord

Discord is a cross-platform among like-minded people. Discord permits its users to add bots to their servers to reduce the burden of too much work. Discord bots can be used to listen to music, welcome new users, make changes in servers, etc. One of the bots is the fisher bot, a bot used in games that involve collecting fish, competing with friends, and selling fish to gain more points.

How to Add Virtual Fisher Bot in Discord?

Here the steps provided to add “Virtual Fisher” bot.

Step 1: Browse the Website

First, visit the site from the web browser “”:

Step 2: Choose Discord Server

In the “ADD TO SERVER” section, select the server and click on “Continue” button:

Step 3: Permit the Access

Mark all the permissions and click on “Authorize” button:

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Step 4: Check the Captcha Box

Verify your identity:

How to Utilize the Virtual Fisher bot?

Follow the step-wise guide below to learn the use of the stated bot.

Step 1: Open Discord Application

Initially, launch Discord from the application menu:

Step 2: Check if the Bot Already Exists

Make sure to check that the bot is not added to the server:

Step 3: Specify the Command

Enter the command “/charms” and click on “View your currently owned charms” to view the status of your current charms:


To add bot fisher to your favorite server, first, visit the bot site “Top. gg” > search for the bot > click on “Invite” > select the server > hit “Continue” > mark all the permissions and “Authorize” it.