Install Brackets Code Editor on Ubuntu 22.04

Brackets is the most unique and effective open-source code editor for the purpose of web designing. Brackets was introduced by

Install Latest Telegram Desktop Messenger App on Ubuntu 22.04

Telegram Desktop Messenger app is end-to-end encrypted and it is a cross platform software which is supported on operating sys

How to Install Yarn on Ubuntu 22.04

Yarn is a free to use and open source software, which functions as a package manager that is used to automate the processes li

How to Install WineHQ on Ubuntu 22.04

The WineHQ is an open source software that is used to install Windows software on Ubuntu 22.04. As an open-source software, Wi

How to install Peek 1.5.1 on Ubuntu 22.04

Peek is a free software utilized for screen recording in Ubuntu. You can easily and conveniently use Peek. The Peek is a very

How to Install VirtualBox on Ubuntu 22.04

VirtualBox is an open source and free to use software, and it is used as a general purpose virtualization application. Virtual

How to Install Sublime on Ubuntu 22.04

Sublime text editor is used as a programming text editor and it is supported on almost every platform. These platforms include

How to Install Slack on Ubuntu 22.04

Slack is a premium chat service with multiple features. Slack is an ideal for the teams and groups to collaborate with each ot

How to Install Skype on Ubuntu 22.04

Skype is a free to use instant messaging software, which is used to communicate with family and friends. Skype has features li

How to install PlayOnLinux on Ubuntu 22.04

PlayOnLinux is a free and open source front end graphical for Wine, and it is used to install Windows based applications on Li

How to Install PHP in Ubuntu 22.04?

PHP Scripting is a generic backend scripting language. Abbreviation for “hypertext preprocessor”. PHP is a scripti

How to Install Microsoft Edge Browser on Ubuntu 22.04?

Ubuntu is a Debian based Linux distro. It also contains the free and open source applications. Ubuntu comes up with pre-instal

How to install LibreCAD 2.1.3 on Ubuntu 22.04

LibreCAD is an application that is utilized to create 2D designs. It is preferably used by the engineers in the architecture i

How to Install TeamViewer on Ubuntu 22.04?

TeamViewer is a software which uses remote access and remote control computers, allowing the maintenance and usage of computer

How to Install YakYak on Ubuntu 22.04?

YakYak is a Google Hangouts desktop client. YakYak is open source, but you need to purchase a subscription to make a call. Yak

How to Add and Use Virtual Fisher Bot in Discord

Discord is a cross-platform among like-minded people. Discord permits its users to add bots to their servers to reduce the bur

Install OpenToonz Animation Maker 2D App on Ubuntu 22.04

OpenToonz is a freeware and open-source application used for the creation of 2D animation. The software can be used both for p

Installing PyCharm on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

PyCharm is an open-source, free IDE for Python programming and it was first developed on August 14, 2000 by JetBrains. It is k

How to Install Chromium on Ubuntu 22.04?

Chromium is a free and open-source browser, used for internet surfing of different websites. Chromium is managed by the ‘Chr

How to Change the Color of Your Name on Discord?

Discord is a well-known social platform used for communication between friends, relatives, and many unknown people from around

How to Remove a Bot in Discord

To remove Discord bot, first, open Discord and reach the Server. Then, move to “Member list” and select the bot. Next, rig

How to Enable or Disable Developer Mode on Discord?

Discord is an online community platform designed especially for gamers. The main core purpose of creating Discord was to targe

How to Install Blender 3D on Ubuntu 22.04?

To install Blender 3D on Ubuntu 22.04, first, launch Terminal and then execute the “sudo apt install blender” code.

How to Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu 22.04?

To install Chrome on Ubuntu, first, launch the “Terminal” and install the “wget” program. After that, download and ins